Gingerbread Poland – souvenir/company gingerbread

Gingerbread Poland - souvenir/company gingerbread

Gingerbreads Poland – souvenir gingerbreads or company promotional gingerbreads are my proposal for charming gifts for our foreign guests and contractors. Gingerbreads in the shape of Poland, which I can bake in several sizes from 10cm to almost 21cm, for any arrangement.

A few years ago, I created a folklore-gingerbread project: Decorative Gingerbread “Greetings from Poland” consisting of 3 different designs of hand-decorated gingerbread:

  • Large “Premium” decorative gingerbread cookies – baked in the shape of Poland, containing a greeting, e.g. Gingerbread cookies are packed in a box with window 21×21 cm;
  • Decorative gingerbread with a figure in a folk costume, packed in a box with a window size of 12×20 cm;
  • Smaller white and red “Poland”, decorated only with an inscription, packed in a cellophane bag.

On this page I wanted to present you my projects for Gingerbread Poland, used not only for tourist and commemorative purposes, but also for business purposes. My proposal is Gingerbread Poland – souvenir gingerbread, packed in a box with a window measuring 15x15cm or 21x21cm, on which you can put your graphics, e.g. the location of your showrooms or company headquarters, or choose my patterns with characters in folk costumes and add your own logo. It will be not only a fantastic and unique gift for your contractors, but also a great snack after a long meeting.

To make my gingerbread “Greetings from Poland” more accessible (hand-glazed figures are very laborious) and in response to the demand for this type of gifts, I made vector graphics of my people in folk costumes to be able to apply them on gingerbread in the form of graphics.

Gingerbreads baked according to traditional home recipe, using real multi-floral honey and spices. The decoration is Royal Icing, colored with food dyes. Gingerbread cookies can be very hard as it depends on the humidity. If you would like to eat them with taste so that they are deliciously soft, you can open them and leave them on a plate for a few days, and they will absorb moisture from the air (only works if you have humid air) or close them for the night with a slice of fresh bread, and they will take over its moisture. It will be delicious.

The minimum order of gingerbread is 5 pieces of the same pattern.

If you would like to place an order or have more questions, please write to me using the contact form.

Graphics of characters in folk costumes
Character graphics that I use in the project are my own works, protected by copyright. I absolutely agree to share my photos for the purpose of presenting an idea or sending proposals to clients, but I do not agree to any attempts to copy and use graphics in other projects without my knowledge and consent.

Gingerbreads Poland – perfect as a souvenir from Poland for foreign guests and contractors.

My Royal Icing cookie shop

I invite you to visit my little cookie shop, you can order the products presented there, or send an e-mail inquiry about personalized cookies prepared especially for you.

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