Royal icing cookies are a joy full of sweetness

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What do you associate with ROYAL ICING COOKIES? With icing, sugar, calories? Perhaps too. You will surely associate them with kindness, a warm smile, a family table and a flour-stained kitchen.

For me, frosted cookies are associated with joy. Joy accompanies me during the process of making cookies. I also happily pack cookies for shipping. The greatest joy, however, is when someone receives or shares my cookies. Regardless of the occasion, the effect is the same – A smile that confirms my belief that my work brings happiness to others.


    • the perfect thank you gift for your guests
    • a charming showcase of the company
    • sweet addition to the gift

I make cookies to order according to the graphics, photos or images you send or choose. Do you dream of an unusual pattern? My experience and capabilities allow me to make any shape, in any technique. Cookies like to be iced, stamped, decorated with flowers or figures made of sugar mass made by me. I prepare the molds and templates myself, so I will make really unusual shapes for you.

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Baranek Wielkanocny, lukrowane ciasteczka, ciasteczka wielkanocne, Basia sweets

Easter cookies

The sweetest souvenir, gift and decoration of the festive table

podziękowania dla gości pierniczki, ciasteczka na chrzest z imieniem dziecka, podziękowania dla gości na chrzest, podziękowania na chrzest, podziękowania chrzest, lukrowane ciasteczka Basia sweets

Baptism cookies

Thanks to the guests who came to the celebration of the Holy Baptism

The royal icing cookies and gingerbreads I make are a guarantee of precise and aesthetic workmanship, quality and freshness. Very precise patterns, the accuracy with which I try to transfer them to the cookie will delight even the most demanding customers. It is often a real “premium” product that sets my baked goods apart from others. I make cookies by hand from scratch, by sketching a pattern, making a mold, baking cookies and their laborious and careful finishing with icing decoration. My offer presents only my previous works, for you I can do something completely different.




Pierniki reklamowe, lukrowane pierniki, pamiątka z Polski

I invite you to visit my little cookie shop, you can order the products presented there, or send an e-mail inquiry about personalized cookies prepared especially for you.

lukrowane ciasteczka na zamówienie, lukrowane ciasteczka cena
Decorated with love

Icing cookies is my passion. Each cookie is made by hand and decorated with the utmost care.

The best ingredients

I use only the highest quality ingredients for baking and decoration.

Guaranteed freshness

I make cookies to order, before the agreed date, which guarantees the freshness of the delivered products.


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